How It Works
You can take lessons anywhere

Lessons can be conducted at your house, rehearsal studios or a local karaoke store of your choosing. You don’t need to travel far from home to learn!

Choose your own lesson schedule

You can have lessons at your convenience or regular lessons (eg. Every week). Rescheduling your lessons is free with 24 hours prior notice!

No need to pick only one thing to learn, so learn a bit of everything!

Vocal, piano and music theory lessons are available. You can choose what you would like to learn in your lessons!



You can share lesson time

Lesson time can be shared between family members. Also, group lessons are available for the entire family!

Our Lessons



Vocal lessons are available for all levels. Students will learn essential vocal techniques to help sing the songs they want with confidence!



Classical and pop piano lessons are available. Even if you’re completely inexperienced, we make learning the piano fun!



We cover the fundamentals of Western music theory to help you read and write music.